Beloved Confectionaries And Desserts That Stood The Test Of Time

Food trends come and go. However, there are some food items that leave such a mark in the hearts and palates of many that they never go out of style. People just fall in love with them. All across the world there are some confectionaries and desserts that have stood the test of time by wowing everybody who ever tasted them. Here are a few goodies that you must try.

The macaroon and the tart

These two are both tiny in their portions but pack such a powerful punch. Pineapple tarts are perhaps the most celebrated out of the many different varieties that you can find. The sweetness of the fruit is only balanced out by the nutmeg and cinnamon that is most often added to the baked treat. Macaroons are here to stay. From Europe to Asia, these tiny, sugary treats have made their way into the hearts of all food lovers. You cannot eat too many of them though, unless you want to go into sugar coma for a bit of time.

Mousse all the way

The mousse is another classic example of a dessert that has never gone out of style. Nobody will say no to a cup of deliciously decadent chocolate mousse or a tiny bit of tropical and zesty mango mousse. The trick though is to get the consistency just right. Not many leading cake shops in Singapore and dessert specialists can get just the right airy, bubbly texture combined with a flawless velvety finish on the tongue. It’s a trick only perfected through practice.


It has chocolate. It has liqueur. It has cream. It has coffee. The combination of all these power packed, super star ingredients create one of the most sought after desserts of all time; the tiramisu. While many eateries have accomplished the skill of making this dessert, just like the mousse, not everyone can get the perfect light texture or the correct balance of alcohol and chocolate.

The crumble

Hailing from Britain, the crumble is a dish that can either be sweet or spicy. The dessert version with ample sweetness is the more popular variation. This will usually have fruit used in it while the spicy version will have meat, sauces and vegetables.  The dessert crumble comes with accompaniments such as cream, custard and ice cream. Some popular choices of fruit are peach, rhubarb, blackberry, gooseberry, apple as well as plum.

The cheesecake

This one is a firm favourite with any age group in any country. The contrasting textures of soft cream infused with unique flavours atop a thick and hard base that too has many different varieties has been enjoyed by almost everybody. The light dessert is also very visually appealing which might be a contributing factor to its popularity.