Ending Redundancy: How To Effectively Hunt For Work

Have you been unemployed for a while now? Maybe you have never worked before and you are on the lookout for work at the moment. Either way, the process of hunting for work is a very stressful one. Once you get into it, it is pretty much the only thing that you will be able to think about for days. Sometimes you will be greatly disappointed because you expect interviews and do not get called for any. Sometimes you will get called in for many interviews which will make you feel good but you will not actually get recruited. Sometimes looking for work is a process that lowers self-esteem and breaks you down but you have to remember that only by pushing through and not giving up will you be able to make any headway in any challenge that is put before you in life.

Build the correct CV

You first need to build the correct curriculum vitae for your experience, qualifications and other skills. The profile needs to really highlight all the positive qualities and assets that you can bring to the company that you are applying for. This is why professionals recommend tailoring your resume for each position that you apply for. A good job search app will display positions that will suit your profile when you apply the needed search criteria. Sometimes these bodies also offer to tailor resumes that will work. If you have the funds needed, try to find professional assistance to complete a profile of yours. You can then post this on the recruitment sites and also use it as a template to create other resumes that will suit other JDs.

Keep your options open

One of the biggest mistakes that you can commit while looking out for work is not keeping your options open. You cannot rely on one employment app in Singapore or site that will bring you working opportunities. Even when you apply, do so for a range of positions that fit the skills you have. When you go for interviews, go for as many as possible; perhaps try to attend every single interview that you are called for. The impression you have of a business is different when you see them in person as opposed to reading about them online. This will help you make up your mind on which place you feel suits you the best. It is also an advantage because the more places you go to the more probability that you will be selected.

Don’t give up

Do not just rely on the sites online to bring your working opportunities. Speak to friends and family. If you were employed before, speak to your former colleagues. Hunt on social media and in printed media as well. Don’t give up just because it takes time. The people who are the happiest in their work today will tell you how they never gave up until they finally landed their dream role.