Getting Out Of An Abusive Marriage

One of the worst experiences you can possibly be in is to be in an abusive marriage. Of course, we need to first understand the difference between a bad marriage and an abusive marriage. You could be in a bad marriage where you and your partner do not get along, do not agree on anything and are constantly fighting and this is not very uncommon. Many people go through this and a major position of all marriage end up this way sadly. However, an abusive marriage is different from this and takes it a step further when one partner is verbally or physically abusive to the other partner and this experience can be a terrible one. Many people in abusive marriages rarely come out and speak of their experiences because they are often “put in their place’ by the abusive partner and threatened or made to feel worthless which can lead to depression and even suicide.

Talk to someone
If you are trapped in an abusive marriage it is vital that you talk to someone immediately because things can only get worse. You can either talk to a friend or a relative who you trust or you can talk to a professional on a helpline available to you. There are many women’s help lines and abuse hotlines available that you can call anonymously to get advice from. If you are being physically abused or threatened, it is vital that you are careful while doing this because if you get caught, things can get a lot worse. You will be able to get the contact of a good divorce lawyer from these helplines and your lawyer will legally get your abuser away from you and out of your life by getting you a divorce from him.

If you fear for your safety during the best divorce procedure in Singapore it would be a good idea to have your lawyer get you in to protective custody. There are even cases where the law and the government will pay for you to live in an undisclosed location under a false identity in order to protect your safety.

It is important for you to keep in mind that an abusive marriage does not necessarily have to mean that you are being beaten physically. Abuse comes in many shapes and forms and abuse can simply be words. Verbal abuse can sometime be a lot worse than physical abuse because it does not leave scars for anyone to see but you often suffer alone in silence while it gets worse.