The Advantages Of Speaking The Global Language

The global language, English is not as easy as writing the language and there are two reasons that have been identified:

  • There’s no pauses in between words as speech is continuous. It would be difficult for you to understand certain words or even the number of words.
  • As the world is filled with diverse people, depending on the region their accents are different. Therefore, they could speak fast too and some words might not be pronounced as clearly as another individual’s accent.

 There are various reasons as to why speaking English is important. Even though one might feel that it is difficult to learn to speak fluent English, there are a few advantages which will make it worthwhile.

 The Global Language

The phrase “The Global Language” says it all! It is a language that is being spoken throughout the world and some countries have even gone to the extent of officially declaring English as the native language. One will be able to build relationships throughout the global because of the common tongue.

 Advantage in the Business World

The language is important in the business world. People who speak English have a better chance at being recruited by an organisation. Entrepreneurs have the ability to reach out to customers and other business which are overseas.

 Boosting your confidence

If one knows how to speak English confidently Malaysia, it will highlight your personality. You will be able to attend a conference, debate or deliver a presentation with ease.


The pace at which technology continue to grow in every corner of the world. The means of communication among the individuals in this industry is English and even the software used are coded and written in English. Electronic items such as smartphones, computers and online storage spaces use the language in order to ensure they are addressing a global audience.

 Research and academic study

All research and academic material are available in English. In order to excel in your studies, the language is a good tool because some of the best literature is written in the English language. If you are proficient in English you will be able to share your knowledge with other people too.

 Your everyday environment

The environment you live have street signs and signs boards in your city that has been written in the language. If you have trouble with the language, it might be difficult in the event you lose your way in a new city. You need to be able to speak the language in order to get directions or even purchase a souvenir when you are on holiday in another country.

 Bear in mind that communicating using the English language is vital for one to get through their day-to-day activities to be able to achieve goals and objectives in life and even in the business world.