The Safety Of Our Children

It’s becoming a habit amongst parents these days is to sign up their toddlers into day care centers by the age of two or three. The necessity for day care centers are on the upsurge because it is the custom now to have both the parents working in a family and therefore the requirement for a day care to leave the child behind when going to work. And one characteristic that creates trepidations for the parents is the safety of their children in these places. So how can we guarantee the safety of the kids who join?

The environment has to be safe

This of greatest importance, because there is no parent who wants their child coming in with bruises and cuts on their fingers or bumps on the head. Guaranteeing the safety of all the children within playgroups in Singapore is not solely the duty of the teacher but also the environment. Some of the methods in which we can warrant the safety of the place is to have sufficient space to house the exact number of kids in each classroom. If the schoolroom is chaotic, with things and there is barely any space for the kids to move around then surely one of them is sure to trip over something and have an injury.

The fixtures inside the schoolroom should be strong enough to put up with all the frolics that kids tend to do with furniture particularly in the top preschools, for example climbing on them, bouncing up and down on them and pushing them around. They must not be unsteady old furniture that can’t handle a slight extra heaviness if a child is likely to jump on it. And the fixtures should also not have any bits chipped off leaving pointed edges that can injure the kids or have corroded nails that can scratch the kids as well.

Whatever fixtures can be fixed to the wall should be put up in such a way. Because this makes it stress-free when the children clutch onto thing when running around and gives the instructor peace of mind that the things are not going to come hurtling down when one of the children tug on something.

All the objects like stationary such as sharpeners, pencils and scissors must be kept well away from the extent of kids, so that they can’t even reach it if the teacher has turned her back to the children for an instant. There shouldn’t be any wall plugs also in easily reachable range to the children and should always be fixed not at ground level but high up on the surfaces.